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TinyTask 1.70 Download !



TinyTask 1.70 Download !



TinyTask 1.70 Download (s)





This is only the TinyTask 1.70.exe in a ZIP File !
There is only 1 File in this zip file.

Un-Zipped: 35.0 kb
** Zipped: 19.4 kb

Windows File  (Sorry, no Apple/Mac version) 

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TinyTask 1.70 and created INI and EXE and REC Files.
All INI and EXE and REC created files are included !
There are 8 Files in this zip file.
TinyTask 1.70.exe: 35.0 kb
TinyTask 1.70.ini: 123.0 bytes

TinyTask Left-Turn Right-Turn.exe: 38.3 kb
TinyTask Left-Turn Right-Turn.exe – Shortcut.
TinyTask Left-Turn Right-Turn.rec: 3.39 kb
TinyTask Up-Down.exe: 38.9 kb
TinyTask Up-Down.exe – Shortcut.
TinyTask Up-Down.rec: 3.96 kb

Un-Zipped: 122.0 kb
** Zipped: 64.2 kb

Windows File  (Sorry, no Apple/Mac version) 

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Why use TinyTask 1.70 ?



I started using TinyTask 1.70 around August – September 2021.

I love this program a lot!I checked the about popup for TinyTask 1.70.


I went to the  website.

However, as of December 22, 2021, their site no longer exists.

So, I did a search to find out more about TinyTask 1.70.

I learned that it had been updated in 2019 to TinyTask 1.77.

So, I downloaded the newer version.

The newer version had a couple of additions.

Then, I made an exe from the app.

As soon as I executed the exe I had made, McAfee antivirus quarantined it. and said it had a virus!

So, I tried several notable and reputable download sites, but every single TinyTask 1.77 version had this same problem!





I searched the internet again to find more information about TinyTask 1.77.

I found that 1.77 was supposed to be smaller than 1.70, but every download was larger than 1.70.

So, I have come to the conclusion that TinyTask 1.77 cannot be trusted!

TinyTask 1.77 could be causing a false positive with my McAfee virus scanner.

Or, TinyTask 1.77 has been tampered with, and it does have a virus written within it.

In any case, I do NOT trust TinyTask 1.77!

And, until I find a clean version I suggest everyone use only TinyTask 1.70!

There are several sites saying they have TinyTask 1.77, but their version is actually TinyTask 1.70.

And, there are many sites which have corrupted versions.


This is why I only offer TinyTask 1.70 on this website.

The download I offer here is SAFE and FREE OF VIRUSES!

I created this site out of my love for TinyTask 1.70!

I tried several programs like TinyTask, but they were difficult to configure, or they did NOT work.

TinyTask 1.70 is a very simple and small app, and the learning curve is very short and easy.

Just about anyone can figure out this program!

In a later post I will explain how to use TinyTask 1.70.

I have made this site very safe!

I don’t have annoying ads on this site either!

I hate ads, so I decided to not have any ads.

I also paid for everything to get this site up and running.

Everything is FREE on this site!

I hope you enjoy being here!

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What is TinyTask ?


TinyTask is AWESOME !


TinyTask is a very small tool for recording mouse and keyboard actions.

After recording those actions those actions can be played back.

This tool does NOT record image or video screenshots.


TinyTask can be used in various situations where you want to perform actions repetitively.

You can repeat those actions once, or twice, or indefinitely (999999999).

You can create a stand-alone EXE within the program, and then execute that EXE.


TinyTask is very useful if you need to perform the same actions within a game.

TinyTask can also record your typing, and can be used in various text editors.


TinyTask works on most Windows PC’s from Windows XP to the latest Windows platform.

I have used TinyTask on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


I will explain how to use TinyTask in one of my next posts.

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