What is TinyTask ?


TinyTask is AWESOME !


TinyTask is a very small tool for recording mouse and keyboard actions.

After recording those actions those actions can be played back.

This tool does NOT record image or video screenshots.


TinyTask can be used in various situations where you want to perform actions repetitively.

You can repeat those actions once, or twice, or indefinitely (999999999).

You can create a stand-alone EXE within the program, and then execute that EXE.


TinyTask is very useful if you need to perform the same actions within a game.

TinyTask can also record your typing, and can be used in various text editors.


TinyTask works on most Windows PC’s from Windows XP to the latest Windows platform.

I have used TinyTask on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


I will explain how to use TinyTask in one of my next posts.

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